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Need a new pen? Surrounded by thugs? Need a drinkable bleach? Don't know what to feed your cats?
What do heroes use when they're injured?

Look here for new products on the market, courtesy of the Yuki boys, Raistlin, Hikaru and Michi.

(You will need Quicktime - biggest file is just over 2 megs)


(go to the bottom for out takes)

Scissors useless?

Floor mop not working?

Need a chair?

Need a Thingy?

Air freshener

Drinkable bleach 2


Need a new pen?

Surrounded by thugs?

Drinkable bleach?

Need a plaster?

Feed your cats?

Need hot dogs?


Out Takes

Hikaru gets the giggles

Scissors out take 1

Scissors out take 2

Scissors out take 3

Thingy out take